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About Us


Since founded in 1971 as a buff-polishing factory, we have been sincerely dealing with stainless steel products and have steadily accumulated achievements one by one.
Thankfully in May 2021, we celebrated the 50th anniversary. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your favor and trust.
Stage by stage, one by one, we have inherited the technology we have cultivated over many years. It is considered to be completely fulfill now. We are proud this technology transfer as our greatest strength.
Currently, we are trying to establish new system that can provide integrated support of design, manufacture and delivery. At the same time, we are going to expand into new fields.
We will continue to take off the challenge of creating new value by further developing technology we have had.
We, Shinken Industries Inc, will continue to push forward toward the next 50 years. Thank you very much.




Just polish. We are proud to be Tsubame craftsmen and a member of Shinken Kogyo.



It has been 25 years since we started TIG welding of stainless steel. We have inherited Tsubame's advanced technology. During that time, we have developed various unique technologies. In particular, we have developed our own technology to prevent oxidation due to the heat generated during TIG welding. Patented in 2013.
Realizes durable and beautiful welding that is not seen anywhere else.



Shinken Industry boasts welding and polishing technology.
Our two technologies are indispensable for manufacturing vacuum chambers that can withstand harsh vacuum environments.
We respond to your high-level demands with our solid technical capabilities that we have cultivated over many years.

inside view

State of internal welding

Company Profile

Name SHINKEN Industries inc.
President and CEO Shingo Emura

Head office / Head factory (postcode 959-0222)
3061 shimoaozu Tsubame-shi, NIIGATA
TEL 0256-92-5586・FAX 0256-92-7655

2nd factory (postcode 959-1207)
434 sannofuchi Tsubame-shi, NIIGATA

Tokyo satellite (postcode 101-0031)
3-5-1-304 higashi-kanda Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO

E -mail info@y-shinken.co.jp
Capital 4,000,000 JPY
Establish 1971/5/1
Employees 21
Product Vacuum Chamber・Sanitary pipe fitting・Industrial machinery
Chemical container・Wear components of semiconductor
Plate and sheet metal products and other stainless-steel products

Company History

1971 The founder Mr.Hiroyoshi Emura begin as “Emura Polishing” company
in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, polishing mainly utensils.
1976 Relocated in Yoshida City County of Nishikanbara, Niigata Prefecture.
1996 Dec. Being incorporated as a private limited company and change the company
name to Shinken Industry Limited. Start welding of stainless steel.
1997 Dec. Start welding of stainless steel.
2003 Feb. For business expansion, moved to new building at current address
2008 Jan. For business expansion, extension of workshop.
2011 Nov. Being incorporated as a stock company.
Mr.Shingo Emura assumed the presidency from Mr.Hiroyoshi Emura.
2013 Jun. Patent Acquisition.
2021 Mar. Obtain TSO Acquisition. (Tsubame Standard Organization)
2021 May. Semicentenary.
2022 Sep. Renovation of head factory exterior to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
2022 Nov. For business expansion, renovation of 2nd factory.
2023 Mar. For business expansion, built a new office.


General-purpose lathe TUDA SEISAKUSHO 1
Hydraulic Press Brake TOYOKOKI CO., LTD 1
Shearing Aizawa Tekkosho LTD. 1
Tapping Drilling Machine HITACHI KOKI 1
Hydraulio Angle Press Machine HITACHI KOKI 1
Band Saw HITACHI 1
Metal Saw HITACHI 1
Roll Bender in house product in house product 1
Plasma Cutting Machine DAIHEN 1
Buff Polishing Machine Nomizu Kikai Seisakusho 5
Tungsten Inert gas welding machine (Argon arc welding) 300A DAIHEN 8
Tungsten Inert gas welding machine (Argon arc welding) 500A Panasonic 2
Turning Rolls MATUMOTO KIKAI 1
Liner Welding Machine in house product 1
Liner weld bead Rolling Machine in house product 1
Circumference weld bead Rolling Machine in house product 1
Semi-auto Welding Machine DAIHEN 1
M200 Orbital Welding System Swagelok 2
Automatic Tube Cutter IHARA Science 2
Bandsaw Machine Shindaiwa 1
Fine Cut (High Speed Precision Cutting Machine)/th> Heiwa Technica 1
Welding Scale Remover Might Industry 1
Drill Sharpener DAREX 1
Hydraulic Bender Nitto Kohki 1
Welding Positioner MATUMOTO KIKAI 5
Flexible Grinder Chuo-Flexi 4
Dust Collector Yoshida Kogyo 6
Compressor Air Man 3
2.8t Suspension Type Overhead Travelling Crane Nippon Hoist Co., Ltd 2
Hozan Simple Clean Room HOZAN Tool IND.CO.,LTD 2
Simple Clean Room in house product 1
Piping leak inspection pump Asada Corporation 2
Helium Leak Detector ULVAC 1
Helium Leak Detector Canon Anelva Technix Corporation 1
Alcatel Rotary Vacuum Pump Canon Anelva Technix Corporation 1
Surface Roughness Measurement Surftest Mitsutoyo 1
Metal Ionization Gauge ULVAC 1
Turbo Molecular Pump ULVAC 1
Surface Plate(2900×3990) 1
Three-dimensional Measuring Machine Nikon 1
CNC Fiber Laser Welding System POLYGON 1
Precision Granite Surface Plate(1500×2000×300) O.S.S 1
Forklift KOMATSU 2